“Eucharisteo—Thanksgiving—always Precedes the miracle.”
― Ann Voskamp

Mary Geitner LMT CEIM

mg-bioI love my work and cherish my clients. Thank you so much for your interest and support. Please contact me at any time with questions, feedback or scheduling assistance.

Office Hours
Monday – Fridays, 9am - 3pm
If you need an appointment outside of these hours, please contact me.
I have occasional weekend and evening availibility.

1515 Donovan Place
Longmont CO 80501



My Story

“How did you end up here?” That was the first question we were asked as we gathered in a circle and introduced ourselves on the first day of massage school. I could wax on about growing up in and out of hospitals with a terminally ill brother, the yearning for a better bedside manner, there’s a brief stint in a pre-med program at Harvard in my story, falling in love a few times, an ever deepening marriage, yoga, soul searching, a 20-year graphic design career, two home births, raising daughters, moving from the east coast to Colorado ... but truthfully, and while hindsight might paint a more linear picture, my formal interest in bodywork was unexpected.

I didn’t fall in love with massage until later in life. I experienced a handful of ho-hum sessions as a college student and in my early 20s, but something shifted for me a decade or so later when fell into the hands of one or two truly masterful therapists who somehow -- by their touch, warmth, their skill and presence -- helped me fall more deeply in love with myself. While on their table, I was able to relax and receive so deeply that I felt my body in an entirely new way. It felt like universes opened. My body felt amazing, yes, but my mind and spirit were uplifted too. It felt like I'd been gently led to a wellspring of personal peace I didn't even know I'd been searching for. "A reunion with myself" is the best way I can describe it -- and another seed was planted.

My awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection has been with since about age 14. I owe much of this to having a deeply soulful mother ... but in my own journey yoga confirmed it, meditation deepened it, and my own expereinces of mothering softened it. I now have what I feel are reliable, yet practical and ordinary touchstones to coming back home to myself. In today's busy, stress-filled world this is absolutely invaluable. To be grounded, healthy and fluid in our being means we are grounded, healthy and fluid in our lives. Here in my 40s, I am honored to share what I know and offer my own unique form of bodywork and massage professionally.

My style varies depending on who (and what) I'm treating. I work intuitively and sense of grace and flow to my sessions, whether I’m doing a lower back treatment or energy work. I rely on sound knowledge of bodily systems, techniques, anatomy and physiology always -- but above all I am committed to listening. I flow with what presents itself in a session and I ask for feedback when I’m unsure about something’s being effective or not. Underlying everything I do is a strong trust and deep respect for all of Longmont's amazing community members: the infants, seniors, LGTBQ, the folks in pain, athletes, and the ones who just want a place to lie still and receive restorative, healing touch regularly. You are all welcome here.

Finally, I think it’s valuable to mention that receiving massage truly is a learned skill: the more massage you get, the better you get at receiving it. Getting a massage for the first time can feel awkward, at least in moments, but that goes away as you get more comfortable with it. With time and a therapist you trust and like, the benefits of bodywork are exponential. I cannot stress this enough, and I had to live it to believe it. Experiences deepen. Your posture changes, you feel lighter, more connected to your heart, your body and your wisdom. Your breath unfolds from your deepest, richest places and shows up to assist you in all of life's ups and downs more often. Pain that once defined you is manageable, and many people declare that they “get their life back” in a sense. The profundity of receiving heart-centered, therapuetic massage becomes clearer and clearer the more you invite it in.

Be patient with yourself if you’re new to massage. If you love bodywork like I do, share your experiences; don’t postpone joy! Book your next session, spread the love and treat yourself well.

My massage table is a sanctuary. My hope is that anyone who finds himself or herself on it experiences their own perfect stream of deep relaxation, peace and healing.

Sending a warm thank you for your interest, and I look forward to seeing you.


mary geitner