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Warming Rice Bags – $30

eye pillowsWarming rice bags are wonderful! Once you have one of your own, you won’t remember what you did without it. They are beautiful, simple, and endlessly comforting.

I make all my rice bags with removeable covers. My children sleep with theirs nightly and--especially during cold season--it's convenient to remove their covers and launder them regularly.

I begin by sewing a sturdy, 100% cotton liner, filling it with rice, then double stitching it closed. I will occasionally add organic roses or lavender from my garden when available but essential oil benefits fade with time so I more often use plain rice. Covers are made with sturdy, soft 100% cotton flannel and fit snugly, but are easily removed. Patterns and colors vary.

Rieye pillowsce bags are great on sore backs, shoulders, cold feet, arthritic hands, bellies, and more. Toss one under your covers on chilly nights before crawling into bed. They’re wonderful for soothing menstrual cramps and bellyaches. Kids love to snuggle with them on chilly evenings and mornings. I often give these as birthday gifts and, more than once, a sibling has demanded one of her own!

I use rice bags regularly in my massage practice as a therapeutic tool. Applying heat softens tissues, increases circulation, and invites medicine, (e.g. topically applied arnica oil) deeper into the body. Heat feels comforting and adds a nice touch to any massage session, especially if you are one of my many clients whose feet are chilly on the table.

TO USE: Heat rice bag in microwave (with cover on) for about 3 minutes. Experiment with the time. Usually 2 – 4 minutes is sufficient. Do not overheat. Place it anywhere you want moist, long lasting heat. Your rice bag will remain hot/warm for close to one hour. I’ve noticed that by the end of a massage my rice bag is usually still warm enough to be comforting.


Eye Pillows – $14

The weight of an eye pillow, especially those filled with naturally slippery, cool flaxseed, feels incredibly healing and soothing on tired, puffy eyes. Inviting darkness by gently closing and covering my eyes can also help my mind relax.

eye pillowsI like to use my eye pillows at room temperature, but some people put theirs in the freezer and use theirs as a cold pack. I have also heard that you can heat flax-filled eye pillows (15-20 seconds in the microwave should do it) but be very careful not to overheat, both to protect both your eyes and the delicate seeds and oils.

Flax is a purple or blue-flowered plant that grows wild and wonderful; I see it often in CO along roadsides and in wildflower fields. It is widely used for its seeds (linseed, a.k.a. flaxseed) and to make linen.


Fabric and availibilty varies. Please inquire for more information. Bulk discount applies for purchase of 10 or more.


Beautiful Face Cream – $18

This is my absolute favorite face cream! I have adapted Rosemary Gladstar’s much loved Perfect Face Cream recipe to make it my own; this blend is especially suited to our extreme Colorado dryness, sun and wind.

This cream is the optimal 50/50 blend of oil and water, expertly combined to give it a very rich, but quickly absorbed quality. Its ingredient list is full of good-for-you ingredients (aloe vera, vitamin E, rose water, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax and a balancing essential oil to name a few.) It is truly nourshing for your face, and affordable enough to use on your entire body. beautyCream has an oily feel at first, but it settles quickly into the epidermal layer of your skin, deeply nourishing and protecting the dermal layer from moisture loss. Your skin will feel smoother, be more supple and hydrated and the goodness lasts all day.

The only "rule" about this cream, writes Rosemary, is that it cannot be used with any negative thoughts about the body it's being used on. This, she says, is part of the cream's magic!

Handmade • Organic Ingredients • 1.5 oz • Amber Glass Container (easy to clean and reuse)