The Power of Touch

Massage gives us something that very few therapies or professionals have license to give: touch. Touch is the first sense we develop inside the womb and last to leave us. What happens when we are touched--or not--means so much during a lifetime. A sense of well-being and pain relief is just the beginning. Educate yourself about the expected (and not so expected) benefits of receiving regular therapeutic massage.

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Massage and Yoga gently move your focus INSIDE, to a deeper sense of self...

My favorite yoga teacher is Angela Farmer. She teaches a practice called Inner Body Yoga -- which is both a tool and a practice for going inside, listening, and finding your own personal expereinces of healing and connection. Our bodies never lie; they "speak" truthfully about life just as it is, not the way our minds want it to be. The body is also a trusted friend and gateway to finding greater peace, balance, harmony and appreciation.


It has been my experience that when I open and shadowy places on the inside with compassion and gentleness my deepest healing begins. Create more space to listen, feel, receive and act – Explore Angela and Victor's unique style of yoga below.



"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world."

Mary GeitnerNever underestimate the power of regular self care.

Some of my go-to's are movement, quiet time in nature, massage, cooking, yoga, gardening, fiction, a hot bath and laughing. Even cleaning -- sweeping, decluttering, folding -- sometimes offers the perfect antidote to frenzy and irritation.

What's in your well-being kit? Whatever your tools are, use them often and you shall live a life that runs on peace and harmony, not adrenaline and reactivty.


"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world."
– Marcus Aurelius


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